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early years autism standards

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An early years autism standards to enable educational settings who may work with children under five years old, to evaluate their practice in addressing the needs of children on the autism spectrum.

Tip – the standards are best used when you download the document (not viewed in your browser) and work through the standards using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

These early years autism standards has been developed by Genium for the Autism Education Trust (AET)  in collaboration with The Autism Centre for Education and Research at the University of Birmingham, Birmingham City Council, Puzzle Centre and consultants with expertise in autism.  The standards have been designed for use across all types of educational settings from mainstream and child minders to special and specialist and for all children under the age of 5 at all levels of ability.

The development team include Project manager: Martin Kerem, Core authors: Dr Glenys Jones, Damian Milton and Ryan Bradley. Consultant authors: Dr Karen Guldberg, Andrea MacLeod, George Thomas, Pam Simpson and Alex Stanyer
Advisor: Ann Wiseman.

The standards mirror the categories established by the AET early years training materials. There are interactive links from the set of standards to resources that demonstrate how a setting or provider might implement practice or policy (also found in the column on the left).

The development of these standards has been carried out in close collaboration with the development of the AET early years autism competency framework as well as the AET early years programme.