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“I have an understanding of autism and work in a specialist setting with a pupil/ pupils with a diagnosis of autism with complex needs. This may mean a pupil with additional learning needs and/ or pupils who may be pre-verbal, but could also mean those pupils who have a ‘complex’ diagnosis in that autism presents as one of many other needs or co-occurring conditions”

This one day session focuses on training for staff in specialist settings who support pupils on the autism spectrum who have complex needs. It aims to deepen participants’ understanding of autism and ways in which they can support pupil participation, including development of their personal and EHC Plans.

The training will:

• Enable practitioners to extend their understanding of autism in relation to pupils with complex needs
• Provide practical strategies to support practitioners as they develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of effective autism practice
• Enable practitioners to reflect on and evaluate their own practice in relation to EHC planning for pupils with complex needs.

This session covers similar ground to the ‘extending and enhancing good autism practice’ module but is more focused on practitioners working with school-age pupils on the autism spectrum with complex needs in specialist settings.

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