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“I want to improve my knowledge and understanding of autism – I have little understanding of autism at the moment and would like to be more confident in my practice and/or in my interactions with pupils with autism. I may or may not work regularly with a pupil with autism.”

This one and a half hour session is designed for staff teams within a setting who need to develop their awareness and understanding of autism. This includes teachers, teaching assistants, transport staff, lunchtime staff, senior management, governors and service staff such as administrators.

It will support participants to:

• Identify the four key areas of difference that need to be taken into account.
• Know the importance of understanding the individual pupil and their profile of strengths and areas for development.
• Identify the key areas to help pupils on the autism spectrum build positive relationships with staff, peers, families and people in their community.
• Develop an awareness of the sensory and communication differences that pupils may experience.

This session is suitable for practitioners working with school-age pupils on the autism spectrum in both mainstream and specialist services.

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