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In 2013 The Autism Education Trust commissioned the original AET schools programme.

The original programme was developed by the Autism Centre for Education and Research (ACER) at University of Birmingham, Oxfordshire County Council and Genium in consultation with a range of partners and the Training hubs. The core development team was led by Dr Karen Guldberg from ACER in collaboration with Ryan Bradley, Rachael Cooper, Dr Glenys Jones, Jenny Mackness, Dr Elpida Makriyannis, Dr Damian Milton, Dr Mitzi Waltz and Dr Kerstin Wittemeyer.

In 2015 The Autism Education Trust commissioned the redevelopment of AET schools programme.

The programme has been redeveloped by Genium for the AET with members from the Birmingham City Council Communication and autism team in consultation with a range of partners. The development team include Project manager: Martin Kerem, Core authors: Allie O’Brien, Mary Daly and Annette English. Consultant authors: Pam Simpson, Linda Lyn-Cook and Sarah Hendrickx. With a special thank you to the Leicestershire Autism Outreach team.

The AET schools autism progression framework was developed by Autism Associates for the AET. The development team include Suzanne Farrell (Project leader), Ruth Fidler, Phil Christie, Linda Lyn-Cook. Technical consultancy: Chris Leach (Otherways Education). Design by: Genium