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This new programme offers nationally delivered face-to-face training for professionals working across all education settings for pupils aged 5 – 16 years through the Training Hubs.

The Training Hubs programme will form an essential part of your Continuing Professional Development.

The training uses a range of teaching tools including video, case studies, problem-solving scenarios, presentations and practical resources and activities. The programme has been developed by the Autism Centre for Education and Research (ACER) at Birmingham University and Oxfordshire County Council in consultation with a range of partners. The core development team are Dr Karen Guldberg, Ryan Bradley, Rachael Cooper, Dr Glenys Jones, Jenny Mackness, Dr Elpida Makriyannis, Damian Milton, Dr Mitzi Waltz, Dr Kerstin Wittemeyer.

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Level 1 - Available March 2012

Making sense of autism

Basic autism awareness training for teaching or non-teaching staff within any education setting who need an understanding of autism in their role (including office staff; governors; caretakers; drivers and escorts).

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Level 2 - Available September 2012

Developing good autism practice

For all staff working directly with children on the autism spectrum (including teaching assistants; lunchtime staff; teachers).

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Level 3 - Available September 2012

Building on existing knowledge and
taking a lead in autism

Further knowledge on autism and/or those pursuing a training role. (including lead practitioner for autism; SENCo; inclusion manager) Entry via Level 2 or equivalent.

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